Thursday, 4 February 2010

More Handle Form Models

Still continuing with more blue foam prototypes, I have also been trying to get the form of the handle right as well. The difficulty I have here is trying to make it fit with the camera but I don't know what this is going to look like. I also needed to make this suitable to fit the electronics in and take into consideration having a button on the handle.

This one was looking at retro handles and was inspired by the Smeg fridge handle. the chunkier end is where the electronics would be and the thinner end would be attached to the reel. It looks like a coffee pot or mug handle which would not look right next the camera even though I don't know the final look of this.

I then looked at developing this and bringing in more curves and extending the narrower side. This made it look more like a mug handle and looked ridiculous next to the reel design.

I went back to my earlier models that I'd made to see how these could be developed and this one is the closest to the style that I'm looking for and can imagine it with the rest of the components.
I started of by making it very square and angular to get a feel for it and see how it would be held in the hand. It was very chunky and because the edges weren't curved it was difficult and uncomfortable to hold. The overall size was just fine and would fit next the reel design just nicely. Due to wanting to make the 'U' shape out of one metal strip, the handle which contains the electronics was looking like part of this and it was difficult to imagine the different materials.

This part was then cut off and the 'U' shape wan slimmed down and curved so as I could envision it on it's own made out of metal. The other part was restyled and shaped but the general size was kept the same. When this was done, the two parts were screwed together to see what this would look like. It was working a lot better and looked more designed than a piece of scientific equipment. It is slowly coming together!!

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