Sunday, 28 February 2010

Twisting Cable

One of the major issues that I had when changing from wireless to using a wire is the twisting of the cable inside the reel. This has been a challange to get my head round and I tried several ways before managing to work something out (in the post below)
One of the first ways that I thought of resolving this issue was to make a hole next to the bolt where the wire would come out and be lead up to the handle. The reason that the wire could not be simply placed in the middle of the reel is because the bolt needs to be central allowing the reel to spin.
This idea didn't work!

The wire just got stuck around the bolt and the tension in this stopped the reel from spinning.
Back to the drawing board I thought about making a figue 8 reel where one reel would wind while the other would unwind resolving the issue of the cable tangling around the bolt.
This also didn't work!

The reel didn't move at all but in my head it did. If I did some research on this type of reel winding technique it might of worked but I discarded it.

After this I gave up and had a long think about how it needs to work and tried to get my head around it. While doing this I discovered another problem that I had was that I actually need two wires to wind up because of the earth and live connections on the switch. This then made it really more difficult for me to get my head around how to make the wire not tangle inside the reel.
Finally I was getting somewhere after I looked back at knot tying processes that I had used previously. Researching up on this I also looked at how fishing rods work and youtube videos that people have made relating to untangling the wire. This was when I came across an idea that would work in theory and hopefully in reality if the dimensions are correct.

This can be seen in the post below.

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